Here’s What Inspired The “I Am Not Bored” Kids’ Podcast

I started a podcast series not because there are too many questions that need answering, but because they need to be answered the right way.

Here’s how the journey of the “I Am Not Bored Podcast” began!
Does your child ask you questions you don’t have any answers to? You aren’t alone.

One day when we were walking to the bus stop, she asked me – Why do monkeys love bananas? Believe me, I didn’t have the answer. Yes, it just takes a minute to Google it, but it gives you a thousand different answers, and most of them are just bookish explanations. Where’s the fun in that? How do I keep her interested, catch her attention and keep her curious?

And then it hit me. I thought – Why not have a platform with topics that are relevant for our children.

And that’s how I started podcasting. Not only because there are just too many questions that need answering, but also because these questions need to be answered the right way.

That’s how we started, answering those curious little questions for our geniuses to ponder over, soon but we didn’t stop there.

In this day and age, keeping our kids up to date with the latest news is also important. Setting this habit early on will help in keeping them curious about what’s happening in the world. Newspapers are great but they can be incredibly boring for kids of young age, what with all the new words and people they’ve never heard of before! 

I Am Not Bored Podcast is the way to go! Making news topics short and simple for our young Einsteins. There’s no better way to listen to the news.

The thing I like most about podcasts is that we can keep our kids engaged wherever we are, and most importantly, without a screen dulling their brains for hours.

Fun facts, news bytes and stories, we also talk about India’s great personalities from the past and also right now! From the bard of Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore to our current President. We even threw in quizzes and knock-knock jokes for good measure!

This spiralled into a podcast for parents where we share interesting insights on parenting with experts, and just from our experience.

If you want us to talk about a topic, do write to us on Instagram and we’ll make it happen!

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