Here’s What You Need To Help Make Time For Things You Love

Recently we interviewed someone who moved her life from Delhi to Goa. Mansi Zaveri, the founder of Kidsstoppress interviewed Mili and we are so excited to share her story with you. She spoke to us about: *Urban life and living in Goa. Mili moved from Delhi to Goa when business was flourishing. She picked fresh air over making more money. I must confess, I wish I could do that.  *Choices in Goa are fewer. Did this ever bother her or her family? She answers this question beautifully *Walking out of the rat race is what most of us want. But it’s not easy for most.  *Tips to keep in mind when you decide to take the plunge and move And more…  If you are thinking of making a transition, but are unsure about things you should watch Mili and Mansi in conversation. Don’t forget to follow us on our Youtube channel to stay connected & get notified when a new video drops.

When was the last time you did something for yourself? I know, read that line again mommies, while I sip my coffee.

In our mad pursuit to be perfect and productive and efficient in our daily lives, we hustle so hard and run at break-neck speeds. But at the end of the day, are we doing something for OURselves? For the kids- yeah, double-check. Spouse- yeah, check. Homes- yeah- Triple check!  

Amidst the multiple lockdowns, the Covid-scare and the situation where our house help had to take a break to spend time with her family in her town, I must confess I observed a couple of things. At the outset- cleaning ISN’T easy! There, I said it. As someone who needs things to be in order around the house, I was particular about maintaining a dust-free and clean house. Especially with kids around, cleaning is never quite done. It is always a verb in present continuous! But by the time it is all done,

I realised I had spent a good couple of hours every day making things look clean and dust-free. And the downside was I had to give up on some of the things I loved doing- like painting with my child on canvas, or writing a blog, or even catching up on some of the new releases on OTT. What if there was a way we could have a clean and dust-free home and make time for things we love? Magic Genie- are you listening?! 

In a conversation with a friend, I came to know about the Forbes Robo LVAC Voice intelligent robotic cleaner and I was intrigued. Like really? A robot to clean my house? When I started gathering more info about this, my house help mocked me saying a robot can never take the place of us, humans. And in a way, I felt she was right. Could it really clean the house like me or the help? And here’s what I found out, it can, and in a much better way indeed! 

Okay, so robots are for special days, right? 

Err, no! Why do we save the best for special days alone? Something I have been accused of doing too! The Forbes Robo LVAC Voice can take over cleaning your homes just the way you like it every day! And when you imagine robotic vacuum cleaners, don’t picture something huge and space-occupying. We are in 2021! This sleek and slender designed device makes its way through any kind of marble flooring/carpets to leave your rooms spotless. And coming from a popular and reputed name- Eureka Forbes- a name we grew up trusting since our childhood, the features on this one, got me super excited and intrigued. 

The part I liked the best? Dry and Wet Vacuum mode, that helps clean and mop my rooms for everyday cleaning, just the way I like them (okay, a little more than I like them!) With the state-of-the-art 3D laser mapping technology it scans the entire house (not just the room) and maps out the navigation path. With a run-time of 100 minutes, you don’t have to worry about stopping your cleaning midway. And guess what? When the charge goes low, the robotic cleaner automatically returns to the charging dock and resumes cleaning back where it had stopped- how amazing is that?! 

  • Also, we don’t clean the house the same on all days, when we do it manually, right? This super device comes with 3 cleaning moods to suit our requirements for the day. Got guests coming in or throwing a birthday party for the kid? The Turbo Cleaning Mode slows down the speed, increases the vacuum power and even speeds up the brush rotation to get full blast on the deep cleaning.
  • Just got your little infant down for a nap? As a mom I know how even a leaves’ hustle or a doorbell can get them disturbed and up in no time- the Eco Cleaning Mode will slowdown its moving and rotating speed with a decreased vacuum power so you know- there is no disturbance absolutely!
  • And there is of course the Auto Cleaning Mode that will start cleaning automatically and adjust the cleaning on its own.
  • Some places in the house need better mopping than the rest? With the Controlled Water Mopping feature, the electric water tank allows you to set the mopping speed as per the cleaning needs.

‘Coz I said so!

Programmed to listen to your voice commands, the robotic cleaner gives hands-free resting a new meaning indeed! Comes with a remote control as well as smart scheduling options that is set at a time as per your convenience for automated cleaning as well as an integrated smartphone app, you can now ensure the house is clean even if you are not there in it! How wonderful is that? It can be operated even from outside the house while travelling from any part of the country.

This also makes it an ideal gifting option for parents who are staying in a different city and need help in keeping their homes clean. So there is no human dependency involved- hasn’t that been the pandemic’s biggest lesson for us all?! 

You now know what you are gifting yourself his festive season! Click here to treat yourself- ‘coz you deserve it! Available online or through a direct sales representative- click here. 

Now that I got my valuable “me-time” back, I am making a fresh list of all the things I always wanted to do “if I had the time”. I now have the time, so what do I choose? Singing, blogging or baking? Help me decide, please! 



This post is written in association with Eureka Forbes. 

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