Here’s Why The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion Got This Mom Super Excited!

Raise your hand if you are excited about the reunion episode, this May!

I woke up to a lot of F.R.I.E.N.D.S gifs and memes on my WhatsApp timeline on Saturday. Why suddenly, I wondered, before I heard what the noise was all about!


(If you are reading this in Janice's voice, you are a true-blooded F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan- Congrats!) 

We aren't told a lot about the reunion, except that it will be an unscripted episode sometime in May, but in my head, a thousand possibilities are already on. Will we see a grown-up Emma and Ben discuss the infamous "We were on a break" statement by their dad?! Or will it take over from where they left and tell us what the characters are doing 15 years down the lane? I can't stop thinking. Can you blame me actually?!

We shared what this reunion means for us, millennials, who watched the show as singles, and now are waiting for the reunion episode as parents battling sleep deprivation and meal time tantrums! Mind you, they aired all of this 2 decades ago, already! Here's a quick recap. 

1. When Rachel Green got super paranoid over Emma's coughs and sniffles, she showed us, it's okay if you are finicky. You are a parent and this feeling is absolutely normal! 

2. And the episode where she locks the child inside the house?! OMG- that's me every time I step away from my little one. Don't you have these paranoid fears?

3. Now that we are parents- can we actually blame Monica Geller for being obsessed with cleanliness? I start my mornings washing my li'l ones teethers thrice. Every. Single. Day! 

4. Joey gave the 'cool uncle' term a new definition with the way he cared for Emma. Getting a little teary-eyed, are we?!

5. Ross, aka Mr. Perfect, showed what it is to be the hands-on dad, like 2 decades ago. Pretend you are watching reruns and ask your spouses to take note. Subtly. 

6. We hardly got to see how Chandler was as a dad, but maybe we'll get a glimpse of that in the reunion episode and we can't wait to see if his kids have taken on his sarcasm and wit! 

7. And my favourite is this- when Phoebe tells how annoying it is when parents put their little ones on the phone when speaking to their F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Ain't we all guilty of this one thing?!

A lot has changed since the original show was aired, but the excitement level among the current crop of parents is still spot on! Parents loved what we shared on our Instagram page and the likes and shares hold testimony for this fact! Write in to us on the comments below, about the one thing you learnt from F.R.I.E.N.D.S about parenting and who your favourite character is! 



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