Homeopath Mom On The Safer Alternative To Vaccines For Kids

The basic science is the same-both homeopathic remedies and vaccines use a diseased material to make remedies or cures.

With the growing incidence of vaccination awareness and parents’ insistence, vaccinations are something that cannot be just ignored. However, vaccination is not the only option when it comes to safeguarding ourselves and the kids against possible diseases. 

Most people are fairly familiar with vaccinations but much less familiar with homeopathy.  The basic science is the same-both homeopathic remedies and vaccines use a diseased material to make remedies or cures.  Some utilize diseased tissues, while others use products of disease, called nosodes.

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Vaccines vs Homeopathy:

The basic origin of vaccines and homeopathy are the same.  Then why is there such a huge discrepancy between vaccines and homeopathy?

The most significant difference is that homeopathic nosodes do not contain live or weakened microbes that can cause chromosomal damage.  Vaccines do.  

Viruses contain foreign DNA and RNA (usually monkey, calf, or chicken) – which is pure genetic material.  When vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream, this foreign genetic material readily enters and incorporates into our human cells. When a normal invasive virus (i.e. flu or measles) enters the body the virus replicates itself in the cell’s fluids then floods back into the bloodstream.  This triggers the body to send out natural killer cells to attack the invading virus in the bloodstream and destroy it.

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However, when an invasive virus is injected into the bloodstream (vaccination) the viruses are not making more viruses.  Instead, the virus (along with the foreign genetic material) sits in the cell’s DNA.  The immune system can sense the foreign element in the cell and sends out natural killer cells to attack the bodies own innocent cells.

The particular tissues that are attacked are most likely based on the type of the individual virus injected.  For example, the tetanus virus has been linked with an increase in allergies and asthma; the measles virus has been linked with an increase in Crohn’s disease.

More often than not, these vaccine viruses cause no immediate discernible outward symptom. They remain silent in our bodies until they later trigger autoimmune dysfunctions like rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, anaemia, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and other genetic malfunctions that contribute to the future onset of cancer.

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How do the nosodes work?

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  • Unlike the standard pharmaceutical injections, homeopathic remedies are taken orally and enter the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth. 
  • The nosode then (similar to conventional vaccines) acts as a blocking device for the disease in question by stimulating the immune system to protect against the offending substance.
  • Unlike conventional vaccines, however, nosodes are commonly used after a patient has contracted a disease to stop its progress.
  • Many classical homeopaths take issue with the use of nosodes for disease prevention because they believe it's better to support the body to work out its own issues rather than to preempt specific diseases from taking hold.
  • Reports suggest that “nosodes do not contain mercury, aluminium formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, triton X 100 (spermicide) or any other of the noxious ingredients present in [standard] vaccines.” (source)  Another reason is they seem to work.

Neither conventional vaccines nor homeopathic nosodes are a guarantee against contracting an infectious disease – however – with homeopathic vaccines you do avoid the potential harm from all of the toxic ingredients found in conventional shots.

Recently, Dr Luke Coutinho, who practices in the field of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Exercise Physiologist raised this issue on his Facebook status- where he mentions how parents need to think twice if the vaccination they are administering for their child is absolutely essential. "So make a informed choice give only those vaccines which you yourself have taken as a child and are absolutely essential like BCG,DPT,Polio. Concentrate more on building the overall immunity of your child by giving nutritious food, adequate exercise and enough love. Homoeopathic medicines have shown excellent results in preventing lots of disease and there is enough data available to prove that", he says. Read his full post here. 

Final verdict:

More importantly, as a holistic practitioner and mom, I focus on supporting my kids' healthy immune systems so that when they do get sick (because let's face it, kids do get sick) their little bodies are able to fight off the bad guys and have wellness prevail. Diet, good sleep, healthy lifestyle, and some select supplements go a lot further in overall health than relying on any type of vaccination alone, regardless if it’s a standard or homeopathic vaccine.

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