Homeopathy- Good For Kids- Pros & Cons

You may also like: All You Need To Know About Boosting Your Child’s ImmunityWe had a chance to hear Dr Rukshin Master, a Homeopath Consultant recently.

We all have had to deal with our children ( and us) falling ill the moment the weather changes – viral infections, cold, cough, fever etc. Also as parents, we understand that it's very important that everyone has a strong immune system to help them fight any virus/bacterial attack.

You may also like: All You Need To Know About Boosting Your Child's Immunity

We had a chance to hear Dr Rukshin Master, a Homeopath Consultant recently. She spoke about the advantages of introducing homoeopathy to your children at an early age. She also addressed questions about whether homoeopathy and allopathy can work side by side to treat a condition and a host of other queries.

Watch the video to know more about what Dr Rukshin Master had to say!

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