Horoscope: How To Raise Your Scorpio Child

Wish you had some readymade parenting hacks up your sleeve? If you believe in horoscopes-here is what you need! Understand your Scorpion kid, their likes/dislikes and the secret to raising them right!

At the outset- congratulations are in order! If you are expecting a Scorpio child, you must know that your child is brave, ambitious and passionate. There's a lot more to your kids born from October 23 to November 22- continue reading!

Common words associated with a Scorpio child:

Sensitive, Ambitious, Intense & Possessive

Characteristics of a Scorpio Child:

Highly Intelligent:

Not just the alphabet, numbers or the usual ore-schooler topics, your li'l Scorpio will blossom into this highly intuitive and intelligent person who can read people correctly. They will make the right friends- so relax! 

Can be secretive:

Scorpios have a tendency to keep to themselves. Also, they love privacy and a lot of 'me' time. 


Scorpios play the game to win! With abundant energy and an intense nature, Scorpio kids come across as strong-willed and dominant. 


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Parenting a Scorpio child:

  • Don't be misled by a Scorpio's strong-willed nature. As bold and dominant as they may appear, your reassurance and confidence is something that they will always seek out for. 
  • Scorpios are not the ones to let go off, easily. So have an eye on your child's friends circle in the playgroup/nursery or even at school. They might not like being betrayed or ignored. 
  • There is something in their starts that makes them crave for mysteries. They love hiding and disappearing- so make sure you have an eye- at crowded and public spaces. That being said, mystery books, puzzles and novels are an absolute must when you start building their book collection later!
  • They do have a tendency to remain introverts and might take a li'l time to open up to new people. Don't give up- reassure them and make them feel secure. 
  • Sharing and getting along with some friends might be an issue for some Scorpios because of their possessive and introvert nature. Make sure you appreciate the li' things they do for other kids from early on to encourage the behaviour. 

Famous Scorpio Celebrities:



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