How Can I Prep My Body For Labour & Post Pregnancy | Zumba Instructor | Sucheta Pal

Celebrity instructor Sucheta Pal talks to us about why fitness is important, especially to prep your body for pregnancy, during pregnancy and post-natal. Tune in to know all the do’s and don’t when you are pregnant.

We are almost at the end of the year and many of us had made a resolution to fitter and stronger? We at KSP, believe fitness is the ultimate path to success and happiness. We know that it is tough and it is extremely hard to stay motivated. How about getting together and creating a community by signing up for #KSPMomChallenge? 

Today on KSP TV we spoke to the celebrity instructor, Sucheta Pal and we loved every bit she had to share with us on fitness. We spoke to her about:

Tune in and you'll know all the dos and don'ts for fitness during pregnancy and post-pregnancy!


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