How Do You Raise Kids In A Joint Family?

Is raising your kids in a joint family the right choice? How do you balance the opinions of the elders in the house with your own as a parent? This is what the experts recommend.

Living in a joint family especially for working parents is a boon and the benefits are plenty. Along with the benefits are also a set of challenges because of conflicting messages relayed to the child. This is especially true with grandparents at home who love pampering the grandkids. It is quite challenging for the parents to question the wisdom of grandparents.

Sounds familiar? If you live in a joint family, repeated instances like these will often lead to conflicts between adults.

Sometimes it does get overwhelming when we are raising kids with different rules in a joint family. The constant battle of "grandparents" is ongoing. Does that mean you shouldn't live in a joint family? Is there a way to make this work!

Educator Mrs Zarna Doshi, Little Palms School answers all these and more in this short video has always been a propagator about how parents need to take control. Joint family or nuclear family – parents need to come together and set rules.

She has also sharedspoken to a trick to get kids to follow directions. Remember- to give them short form instructions. It will help them understand and act on it. Click on the link to watch the video.

We have also spoken extensively to Child Psychiatrist, Expert Educational Psychology, Mpower Minds  Dr Zirak Marker about this problem. And this is what he said

Tell us, are you struggling to do this at home? 

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