I Never Forced My Kids To Make Healthy Food Choices. Instead, I Did This

Are we making the “forbidden” food more tempting for them? Find out how to make foods interesting for children so there are no picky eaters!

“No, you can’t eat that, it’s not healthy”

“This is complete junk. Stay away from it”

Are you guilty of saying this to your kids again and again? In the process are you actually making the “forbidden” food more tempting for them?

I agree eating healthy & nutritious food is important but so are bits of indulgence in moderation. Hands up who agrees with me on that.

The KSP Meal Plan is your gateway to healthy, tasty & interesting meals every day of the week. With 30 meal ideas in your inbox every week, along with a seasonal grocery list, recipes, tried and tested tips and hacks you can make life easier for you and more interesting for your kids. Let’s turn those sulking faces at mealtimes into smiling faces.

We need to educate our kids about what they are eating & how they can make healthy choices without feeling that they are missing out on what they want to eat.

I was invited to speak on the Taste of India podcast about kids, snacking, their eating habits and more. Watch the full video to listen to some tried & tested tips that I share.

Also, if you are at your wits’ end about how to put together a meal plan that’s healthy with bits of fun, then you need the KSP Meal Plan Subscription programme. We are all about simplifying things for you!

With this plan which is priced at just Rs 499 for a year you get

  • A weekly meal plan with 30 ideas
  • A weekly grocery list with seasonal food ideas
  • Recipe of the Week before anyone else
  • Tips and hacks from around the food world
  • A FREE gift hamper filled with goodies that your family will love!

(P.S- We have a super cool FREE PDF along with loads of lovely tips to help you get started along the way!).

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