How I Grew My YouTube Channel From 0 To 10M – Shruti Anand

How did an IT professional become a YouTube sensation with 10M followers? She had a very humble beginning. Her parents always told her that ‘koi kaam chota ya bada nahi hota’. Do you encourage your kids so they can give wings to their dreams and wishes?

Would you give up a steady salary-paying job and become a YouTuber?

Not many of us would right? That’s what Shruti Anand had also thought when she moved back to India with her husband. She was looking for a job but couldn’t find anything that matched her job profile as an IT professional.

She decided to pursue her interest in doing make-up videos in the meantime. Who knew it would be this big? With a fan following of 9M subscribers on YouTube, she has become a star!

Shruti Anand speaks to us about

  • What made her want to get on YouTube & start her channel
  • Did she have the support of her family?

Watch the video to know how Shruti Anand balances her life as a mom and as a Youtuber! Don’t forget to like & subscribe to our YouTube channel

We also tied up with Shruti Anand to know the secret to her success. On our Digital Entrepreneurship Course, we have spoken to Shruti Anand where she shares her insights and expertise on building your brand through YouTube and the key to generating automated traffic consistently through YouTube as a medium. In the course Shruti talks to us about:

  • Planning the right content on YouTube
  • Understanding the YouTube algorithm
  • Handy tips and tricks to build your YouTube channel from scratch

This masterclass has been a hit among our members, ‘coz they learnt the nuances of the platform and also how to leverage YouTube= often a mistakenly ignored medium- when it comes to building one’s brand.

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