How Kids Are Being Resilient In Such Difficult Times

Mothers and fathers are doing the impossible right now. But it is amazing how resilient our children have been through these tough times. If you are a parent who is struggling to keep your children engaged at home – don’t forget to check out the resources we have scoured for you!

Mothers and fathers are doing the impossible right now. We are in the impossible situation to parent full-time, work full-time, and a new job on the list – teach full-time. With children home 24-hours a day, parents are scouring for resources on how to keep children busy all day. While most resort to too much screen time because they have lost patience, ideas, and running out of time – others have put their foot down to change this around at home. 

While we often find ourselves complaining about how hard it has been at home, we have failed to acknowledge how resilient they have been throughout this pandemic and adapted to new ways in no time. While we are struggling to work from home, our kids have adapted to online learning in no time. I have a 4-year-old daughter and to me, it seemed as if her whole life has turned upside-down, but all she needs a happy family environment. 

No doubt – she misses playing in the outdoors, meeting friends, go for weekend get-aways – but the pandemic has taught me that kids are resilient. We need to give them the credit. 

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