How Kidsstoppress Became India’s #1 Discovery Platform For Parents & Kids

At Kidsstoppress, we are always aiming to simplify parenting for you. Today, we are happy to share we have 10 million views, reads across 150+ cities, locally serving 14 cities, empanelled a network of over 400 moms across 10 different cities and more. KSP Awards 2019 was a true success and has been backed by the trust of readers and brands. 

What does it take to build India's only discovery platform that celebrates excellence in parenting and baby care segment? I am sure, just like me, everyone has a lot of questions. 2019 was a learning curve for us and KSP Awards 2019 was just all about that. 

The Bib economy in India is prized at 2900 crores and growing at a CAGR of 8%, reports the Euromonitor. Proof of the growth of the parenting and baby care industry in India can be seen through the number of nominations Kidsstoppress has received this year. With over 2,200 nominations across 60+ categories, in a race that began on 29th of January with the nomination phase has finally culminated into over 50,000 + votes pouring in from across the world and an organic digital reach of over 45 million!

Year after year, we only see ourselves grown and just like us every brand has the same question – what next? 

What were our gamechanger moments?

Beyond Mumbai

One of our key goals was to have a strong, buying audience beyond Mumbai and I am so happy to say that today Mumbai is just one market. There are 13 other markets that KSP caters to locally. We pushed ourselves to meet, share and be with our customers in Indore, Kolkatta and Hyderabad last year and this year will see many more of those interactions. We also built an army and network of influential and impactful moms across Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Indore, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad and of course, Mumbai.

 Peppa Pig

We will be lying if we said that we weren't surprised that International IP's like Peppa Pig would partner with no one other than KSP to showcase across 38 shows and 10 cities. A red carpet event boasted over 700 invites.

The KSP Meal Plan Book

In 2019 we launched our first book with over 250 lunchbox ideas, 50 meal plans – that's years cover- 50 recipes, a recipe resource page, an allergies page and of course tips that actually work in the Indian context on meal planning 101.

And more… 

Tune in to this video and do let us know what you look forward to in 2020 on KSP in the comments below!

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