How The Godrej & Boyce Empire Was Built | Part 1

In this kids’ podcast, I Am Not Bored, we share with you the story of Godrej and Boyce, and how Ardeshir Godrej came to Bombay with a dream. Do listen to the podcast and find out how he tried multiple things before he was successful. It is a must-tell story for the kids!

Storytelling. Why is it so important? Story telling is a brilliant tool that you can use to sculpt your child’s language skills and imagination. Not to mention, a colourful way to bond with your children. But what really makes it special is that it helps your children perceive the world around them. The lives of spirited leaders and pioneers can serve as inspiration, as well as a lessons on the mistakes even great men and women are capable of.

Pictures and illustration drag the story out from boring printed pages into fantastic and imaginative scenes. They can really transport little kids into a different dimension but what I like about them the most is how they give essential reference images to their growing vocabulary. This is why you should encourage their fascination with comics and graphic novels. At KSP Book Club, we help you raise young readers who not just love books that come in all formats, but the wonderful art of reading itself!

In today’s podcast on I Am Not Bored, India’s top leading podcast for kids – we will be looking at the story of Godrej and Boyce. Ardeshir came to bombay, and he didn’t know what he wanted to do. He had multiple things in mind, and he had a few failures before he succeeded being the best locksmith in India.

Through this story, you will teach your kids about:

  • Dreaming big
  • Never giving up no matter the adversity
  • Sticking to your passion
  • Importance of working hard
  • Importance of failures

Don’t forget to make your kids listen to this podcast, and to get access to the comic book – click here!

Are you always stressed that your child is changing his mind about what he wants to be? One day an astronaut, and another day a YouTuber? It is a journey that every child and parent must enjoy, because that’s when you discover where your child’s true passion lies.

That’s why this comic strip of Godrej and Boyce struck a chord where Ardeshir expresses how he tried multiple things, before he realised he wanted to make locks for India!

Just the story you want to introduce to your child! You never know just like Ardeshir he could be dreaming about how to make an empire too?

Listen to the entire podcast, this quick and interesting episode is going to engage your kids indoors this monsoon! Turn this screen-free meal time into a screen free afternoon and listen to all 3 of our episodes on this driven young man’s journey to build an empire that spans across nations today.

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