How To Build Your Child’s Home Library?

So go ahead, take that first step and introduce your child to the world of reading. Build them their own home library. You will be starting a habit for life!

The one secret to raising a reader? Build them a home library and expose them to a lot of books, say experts!

The more you surround your kids with books, the more they will take a liking to it. Make sure there is a book handy and ready for them to grab at any point of the day. When you are combing their hair, on the way to school, while waiting at a restaurant- just about anywhere!

And the right way to go about it, is to build your own library at home. One that your kids will remember for long. And let me confess, it is not easy! The confusion often ranges from “what all do I add” to “ how did it get filled so fast?!” The pace of the journey differs for each one of us, but to get to the problem of plenty, is a problem most parents will want to have!

And we have the perfect solution! A solution that won’t need you to scour the internet, and will drop in your mail every week. A list of books on different topics for different age groups. Indian and International authors. Hmmm, can you see all the time you are going to save with these lists? And how you can use that time to fill your library instead?

Mansi Zaveri recently spoke to Author and Sleep Expert Himani Dalmi on pointers to build your child’s first library, the best books to read to them, and the key to choosing the right books. A full video is coming up very soon on our YouTube and Podcast channels.

Himani Dalmia whose latest book for children Thammi’s Gift released recently, shared some valuable tips on how to get going with building the home library. As the daughter-in-law of Bandana Sen, who is a pioneer in setting up children’s libraries, Himani has put her learnings to good use when building her children’s library at home. From choosing the right books, to arranging them in a way it is accessible to children, to avoiding certain genres she shares them all in this exclusive interview.

But the takeaway point from Himani is to surround them with as much books as you can. So go ahead, take that first step and introduce your child into the world of reading. You will be starting a habit for life! Head to @afterschooltales for some amazing collections that they have for children of all ages!

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