How To Engage Kids At Home (Tips That Make Sense)

Tired of searching for the best books, apps, tips and tricks to keep your child mindfully engaged? Mansi Zaveri walks you through things that worked for her and shares how you can incorporate them too.

We’re all struggling through so much right now. The world as we know it has completely changed. By nature, humans are extremely social creatures and now for the past 5 months, we have all been stuck at home, avoiding meeting people, not hanging out with our friends or going out like we used to. 

Our kids are home – interacting with their teachers, friends, family online. But besides all the screen time they are getting how can we engage them mindfully? This is the best time to introduce as many things you want to with your kids!

Mansi Zaveri shares tips that she has used and that have worked for her kids and her through this entire phase.

So in this video, we share with you

  • Mistakes you should avoid making when you are introducing books to your child
  • Ensure you are including Indian authors too 
  • How to make them learn the value of money
  • Apps that should be downloaded for more learning

So if you want to know how to utilize this time and help your kids grow, watch this video for tips from a mom. For comprehensive courses in mindfulness, raising readers and know which apps are the best child, head to the KSP Summer Fun Factory page NOW. 

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