How To Get Better Hair, Skin And Lose Weight With No Diet

It is very important to understand the food you eat and why you eat it. Today, on KSP TV, celebrity nutritionist, Pooja Makhija talks to us about what she eats in a day, why you need to make food your Bff, what she thinks about a cheat meal, her opinion on all the diets out there and why it is important to opt for a balanced meal with all aspects of nutrition in our diet to make it sustainable. Tune in and she will debunk a myth of eating less = weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

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Do you find yourself saying that “I want to fit in my skinny jeans again and I need to stop eating.” We are always stressed about shedding all the weight after giving birth and we often find ourselves struggling to wrap our head as to how to do it. Why is it that when it comes to food we overcomplicate it and never come to terms with what we have to it. 

Today on KSP TV, Pooja Makhija explains why eating nutritious food is more important than just focusing on losing weight. She talks to us about why it is important to make food our BFF, why we should eat every 2 hours, why any kind of sugar is our worse enemy, why cheat meals don’t make sense. Tune in and find out how she thinks food is the most important for everything – be it hair, skin, mood swings. 

If you found what she ate in a day – you would never think she is on any kind of diet!

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