How To Handle Your Child’s Temper Tantrums & Meltdowns

Most parents face this problem. But is it always the child’s mistake? Find out.


Is this you on many days? You can accept it- it is common and it happens to many parents! 
Terrible Twos, Obnoxious Threes, Feisty Fours and it goes on… At some stage in your parenting journey (if not more than once), parents have had to face their worst fears- Tantrums! From being ridiculously sweet and adorable one minute, they turn to these hatred-filled little devils. But wait- is it their fault? Are they just reacting to the situation or is there something else you are missing out on? 
Mansi Zaveri of spoke to Dr Ishinna Sadana- Parenting Expert & Counsellor, on the following topics: 
*Understanding temper tantrums in children
*Why it is so common
*What are the inadvertent mistakes parents make
* Solutions to tide over the crisis. 
And the first step to handling all of this comes from understanding your child a little deeper than just the surface. We often tend to forget that these little beings aren’t adults and that their brain and emotion regulators are still developing. If you are facing this in your journey and need some tips and tricks to sail through it, watch the complete interview on our KSP TV- click here. 
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