How To Keep The Kids Happy, Learning & Entertained? Download The Daily Planner #10

Lots of laughter, a big mess and a little hair pulling – all things that make our day. Keep the calm and use the daily planner to simplify your life.

Now without the welcome distraction of playdates or playgrounds, we are all trying to figure ways to keep everyone at home entertained. (myself included). A planner like this he’s keeps a semblance of sanity which is just what we need at this point right?

I am normally extremely OCD about things being in their particular place. But I would encourage everyone to relax the rules over the next few weeks and allow kids to spread out their playing space – setting up various worlds involving dinosaurs, soldiers, dolls, trucks, farm animals, whatever, can take hours and even if the actual game only lasts 30 minutes, trust me, they will spend forever setting the scene. I have learnt from experience this is a great way to keep them happy and occupied. 

So let’s get cracking on the planner for the day

Daily Planner #10

Scroll down for links and activities

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