How To Manage Screen Time With Online School? (Paediatrician Recommended Hours By Age)

With All The Online Learning And The Fuss Happening Around It, Along With Staying Indoors All Day, We Ask Dr Dalwai About The Perils Of Screen Time And If This Used For Educational Purposes Was Indeed Harmful

One of the top battles of the millennial parent is the fight against screen time. Back to when we were kids, TV was a mere source of entertainment and with the limited number of channels (Doordarshan, anyone?!), we would hardly spend 20-30 minutes of TV viewing back then as kids. 

Cut to today's scenario and we have landed ourselves in a situation where an infant has his/her first meals watching the rhymes on YouTube, a toddler falling in love with Peppa Pig cartoons and grade schoolers hooked to Paw Patrol. Add to this, the added screentime in the form of Facetime and WhatsApp Video Calls with friends and family whom we haven't seen in a long long time now, thanks to Covid-19. Schools across the country have resumed online classes and that's another 2-3 hours of laptop/desktop view for the kids. Are our kids really to be blamed for this scenario? 

We researched more about screen time, what's accepted and what's not and got in touch with experts in this space to help break it down for our parenting community. Make sure you read the #KSPSpecial article here. And don't forget to share it with fellow parents to help spread awareness of the topic that matters the most to us.

Today, we share with you the screentime guidelines that Development Paediatrician Dr Samir Dalwai shared with us recently. With all the online learning and the fuss happening around it, along with staying indoors all day, we had to ask him about the perils of screen time and if this used for educational purposes was indeed harmful. Here's what he has to say. 

Go ahead and share this video along with the article above with friends in the parenting community. To watch the complete webinar we conducted with Dr Samir Dalwai, Swati Popat Vats and Fatema Agarkar on Online Education- A Boon Or A Bane- click here. 

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