How To Manage Your Money & Investments | Vishal Khandelwal

In this KSP Radio, Vishal Khandelwal the founder of Safal Niveshak talks to us about the risks involved in investing, the success secret of the stock markets, what he thinks of FD as an investment and how it is important to be smart with our money and save for our children’s education. Tune in and find out the formula for savings and how to allocate your money well in investments and other financial plans.

In today's world of wanting the world for our children and ourselves, how much do we really know about where and how to invest to secure our family's future? We all know the keyword before investments is SAVINGS. But what do we do after that? Let's promise ourselves that we will tuck some money away every month and invest it well, so it gives us great returns in the future.

In this KSP Radio, we share Vishal Khandelwal'S tips on how to plan your financial life, to have the right savings formula and also shares some ideas on how to plan ahead for your child's education pot. So tune in to this KSP Radio, to see if you are on the right path and even if you could use some of his handy tips! 

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