How To Overcome Nutritional Deficiency In Kids (Dr Dharini Krishnan & Dr Mukesh Sanklecha)

Are you a parent who is constantly worried that your child is not getting enough food? How is the lack of the recommended balanced diet affecting their growth and development? We have 2 experts Dr Dharini Krishnan and Dr Mukesh Sanklecha guide us on how we can and should use natural food sources before we decide to start the kids on supplements. Watch them talk us through the importance of outdoor play, a balanced diet and so much more.

As a parent, my constant concern about my kids’ health is whether what I am feeding them is enough? Are they getting the correct nutrients in a balanced way? Are they growing right? Should they spend so much time in the sun playing outside? So many questions! Parenting can be so challenging and super stressful.

We understand that these are fears that most moms have. Which is why we got 2 experts to talk to us about nutritional deficiency and how food and natural sources can help solve these problems.

Dr Dharini Krishnan and Dr Mukesh Sanklecha are pioneers in their own fields and they work extensively with kids and parents. Their advice is extremely practical and as a parent, I found it simple and reassuring. 

Some Of The Things They Touched 

• If the child is getting a balance of all the food groups through the day, then we should not worry

• Lack in any of the vitamins can be made up by natural sources of food. So think before opting for a supplement.

One thing mentioned in the video was absolutely correct – “There is no quick-fix solution. You have to work on it.” Don’t expect a prescription to produce a magic potion that will transform your fussy eater into a voracious one. 

Watch the video and listen to the experts tell us how we can ensure that our kids’ #GrowRight and get the right nutrition whether through natural sources or supplements depending on the gap.

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