How To Plan A Fun Trip To Disneyland With Kids

Thinking of taking your kids to Disneyland this summer? These tips will help make your holiday a breeze and truly magical.

We're a family who loves to travel and with two kids under the age of 10, a trip to Disneyland was bound to pop up on their radar sooner or later. It's Disneyland after all – complete with all their favourite cartoon characters, rides and so much more. We looked at countries where Indians don't need visas to travel, which would have made travelling easier. But my kids were hell-bent on Disney so- off we went! 

Making the choice: Which Disneyland should you go to?

We had to choose between Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, Florida and California. We opted to start our Disney journey with Hong Kong. It was closer to home for us so less travel time entailed. With 2 kids in tow, less travel time is always good, right? Disneyland actually caters to everyone. Every age group had something from my 5-year-old son, my ride crazy husband to the not so adventurous me.

Scroll down to read more about all the fun we had, tips when planning a trip to Disneyland and just what you need to be inspired for a Disney holiday sooner or later! 

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