How To Protect Your Child’s Eyes With The Increase In Screen Time

With the lockdown and online classes, gadget time has increased manifold – whether it be a computer, TV, phone or the iPad. All this affects the eyes. Dr Urmi Shah tells us what we can do to arrest the situation before it becomes a problem.

We are all faced with a situation never seen before, confined indoors and resorting to gadgets more than ever – to continue our children's’ education, to work from home, and as a source of entertainment.

In these times, everyone is concerned about this increase in screen time, and how it will affect our eyes. In children, spending increased time in front of a screen has been linked to the development of myopia (nearsightedness) that would require spectacles for correction, and hence every effort should be made to restrict the gadget use to only as much is necessary.

It is important to try and find alternatives to excessive gadget usage for younger kids. Once they are done with their online school work, try to engage them in other methods of play that do not involve looking at a screen. If they have to watch something, try to choose a screen that is bigger and placed farther away. A TV is preferable to an iPad, which in turn is better than a phone. 

 The recommendations for screen time in children state –

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