How To Raise Emotionally Intelligent Preschoolers?

In this podcast, we look at the role of parents and teachers in raising emotionally intelligent preschoolers. Just like we focus on IQ, it’s about time we looked at building our child’s EQ and here’s why. Tune in to find out!

Today we are going to talk about why it is important to raise emotionally intelligent children, how to do it and why you need to start early.

A lot has changed in the educational space over the years. Remember the times of our parents- they started elementary school at 6 or even later? Our kids however learn their ABCs before they set foot into a preschool!

With the changing times, there is also a need for us to change the way our children are taught in schools. A rigid curriculum passed on for years is not the answer anymore. An evolving curriculum that can be adapted to children’s needs is what parents are looking forward to.

Every parent today wants their child to be super successful in academics, brilliant with their concepts and intelligent with their thinking. There’s no denying it. But amidst the rat race to improve our child’s IQ are we working enough on their EQ? Emotional Quotient?

Emotional intelligence helps children understand and manage their own emotions while also relating to others’ feelings.

Also am reminded of my conversation with Dr Swati Popat Vats on a very valid point she made about screens robbing our children of processing their emotions the right way. When they cry, we give them a phone, when they are bored, we give them an iPad. This way the kids inadvertently connect screens and devices to their emotional needs, she says. And as a parent, I realise how true that is! What can I do to make them understand better?

And it’s such a welcome sign to know that children today will not be learning topics just from books but from actual learning environments that schools today provide them. Podar Prep is one such school that stresses the importance of children’s holistic development and not just their academic skills.

The early childhood programs at Podar Prep including Playgroup, Nursery, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten are designed to work on children’s emotional and social development alongside their language and literacy skills.  

And these start much earlier, even at the preschooler level, which makes it more special and more relevant in today’s competitive world.

Tune into this podcast and don’t forget to share it with a fellow parent so they benefit from it too!

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