How To Raise The Bar In PR For Your Business

Wondering how to raise the bar for your business? Priyanka Khanna from Vogue, Gauri Nayar from Twain Communications and Pooja Doshi from Aer Media answer questions that will help us think of ‘what next’ for our business. Tune in to this video and create a bigger impact for your business.

Sometimes, we know that the brand has a lot of potentials but we don't know how to make it to the "it" magazines or don't know how to expect from an influencer. This year, at KSP Awards 2019, it was all about creating an impact on your businesses and answering everyone's question, "what next?". It is always a struggle to get all the questions answered for your business but these experts just hit the right spot when they share their experiences. 


We spoke to Priyanka Khanna – Fashion Features Editor, Gauri Nayar from Twain Communication and Pooja Doshi from Aer Media and these were the key takeaways:


  • Always know your target audience and know who you are selling your story too. 
  • Remember to have realistic expectations from influencers. 
  • Remember to believe in your product and your narrative should sound convincing

And more… 


Tune in to our video and we have the best of the best answer questions like:


The best pitch Priyanka Khanna has heard of and why she took forward. 

What should your PR checklist look like

As a brand working with influencers, what are the metrics one must look at?


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