How To Raise The Bar In PR To Make A Bigger Impact

Here the experts talk on the essentials of marketing and PR that every start up must remember.

In our run-up to the KSP Awards 2019, we told you how we were super excited about this panel discussion that would effectively help entrepreneurs take their next big step forward. And we must say this frank and candid panel discussion did just that! 

As entrepreneurs, we all want to know what's the scoop to making it to the papers, webzines, videos and podcasts. We need to know that 'one' thing that will get us, our brand, to becoming the talk of the town or the one that our customers discuss the most. After all, that's the dream, isn't it? 

We had our CEO Mansi Zaveri moderate an insightful panel discussion on the insider's tips and tricks to take your business to the next level. The veterans in the field, Priyanka Khanna from Vogue India, Gauri Nayar of Twain Communications and Pooja Doshi Sharma of Aer Media and Unbox Social help break down a few misconceptions that start-up brands have about PR, the idea of pitching right to journalists and the essential PR checklist you must possess. 

The take-home message was clear- pay attention to what your consumer needs and deliver accordingly, the 3 said in unison and that is something, we at Kidsstoppress have always believed in and strive towards too. 

Watch our FB Live of the KSP Awards 2019 to see what they spoke about in this panel discussion. 


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