How To Talk To Your Kids About The Budget

Today is the budget, and you want your child to know everything about? Start by explaining these simple concepts about the budget, and get them involved in all your conversations at home.

Do you feel like you should get your children more aware of current affairs? I think they make great conversations. You would be surprised that children get excited to know too.

Since it is February 1st, we want to share a podcast on what the budget is, but a way simplified version for your teenager. We have used analogies that are easy to understand, but most importantly, your child will understand the value of money, and what it takes to run a country.

In this podcast, your teenager will learn:

  • What a budget is?
  • What is the borrowing system
  • How does the government earn money?
  • What does the government do, when they don’t have enough money?

Listen to this podcast and don’t forget to quiz your children at the end! 

P.S This is a great learning tool for your child!

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