Did You Know You Can Balance Hormones With Moon Cycle Fasting (Ekadashi)?

Do you know that your gut & the hormonal changes in your body are affected by the moon? Read this to know why Ekadashi is actually not a religious fast but more a health related one. Quite fascinating!
ekadishi thali

Let me start with a story that goes back 40 years. I’ve been seeing my mom do Ekadashi fast since I can remember. Every Ekadashi I would tag along to her Satsang to get prasad and the bhajans became almost like nursery rhymes for me.
My mom would water the tulsi plant every morning and insist I do it every day and chant too! I didn’t. The teenager in me had to rebel without understanding any logic.

My grandmom told my mom back then she will do it when she finds her why and it comes from within. Leave her.

I’ve never fasted until last year when my dad passed away. That’s when I decided to do my first Ekadashi first purely as a religious/traditional thing.

My mom didn’t push at all. She in fact said you don’t need to do anything. But there was something within me that said I want to do it.

From then on it’s been 14 months and I found my why and my logic. I’ve been trying to read a lot about the science of #mooncycle fasts and the food associated with it.

Dr Manjari Rao is a Homoeopathy Practitioner and someone who I completely trust when it comes to my health. What she says makes sense and your body will tell you that. Most definitely question things but also see how it makes you feel. Dr Rao has spoken about how to reset your gut in this exclusive video with KSP. Do check it out.

She shared this about Ekadashi or Moon Fasting

2 days in a month of control and giving a break to your usual foods won’t really matter.

How Does Moon Fasting Affect Our Gut & Hormones?

The Moon influences our hormones and gut health. The gravitational force affects everything from water bodies to little areas of fluid in our colon, ovaries, testicles, stomach, gall bladder, lungs & brain. Each of these areas is under the moon’s effect.

80% of our body comprises of water so the moon’s gravitational pull affects our hormones and gut in more ways than we can imagine. Using these 2 days in a month to realign with your body can make a huge difference to your health.

For someone who wants to start, there are multiple calendars and people to follow on Instagram who share a day prior.

I’m lucky that my mom calls me the previous evening and now my system just knows it’s coming or rather craves for it. Sometimes it coincides with really busy days but there’s no slump in energy.

Today on my plate is Kuttu Dosa with Lauki and Peanut Sabzi, Ghee Roasted Peanuts.

What’s your favourite Ekadashi meal?

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