“I Did What Medicine Couldn’t Do To Save My Baby” : #MyBirthingStory

This mom carried her baby for 7 months and then was told she would need to probably deliver her baby without any certainty that the baby would live. Read her heart wrenching but courageous story about how she beat the odds that were stacked against her.

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster – whether it's when you're trying to get pregnant, unable to conceive or when you do finally manage to get pregnant and don't know if your baby is not going to be fine. But also as moms, we know we have to just pick ourselves up and stay strong. It's innate. It's the strength that nobody can replace. 

At Kidsstoppress, we have discussed parenting journeys time and again – how we have our own struggles and how we overcome them. The best part is, that there is no one solution or answer to those questions. Each story has its own struggles and victories and it is important to share these stories with the world. And that's what inspired us to start this series, in association with Merries India where we #KeepItReal by connecting with moms and bring you their birthing stories and how they stayed strong through their journey.

As we have mentioned earlier, these stories are to spread the #mybirthingstory experiences to help others who have gone through a similar journey and tell them they are not alone. Here. Purnota Bahl tells us how her doctor told her that her baby wasn't growing and that she would probably have to terminate the pregnancy. The story is about she fought the odds with her baby and made it through one week at a time. She went on to have a second pregnancy – twins this time! Her story on Instagram has got a lot of positive attention and we hope that her story will inspire you too.


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This is Purnota Bahl's Story:

Knowing there’s nothing that medicine can do is terrifying. In my 7th month, I was told that my baby’s stomach wasn’t growing and I may have to terminate the pregnancy by natural birth. My dreams and hopes came crashing down. I tumbled through my grief, and my mantra was, 'I’m going to keep this baby inside me next week, and the week after, until time.' 

So how could I empower myself and help the baby that I had fallen in love with? I stopped working, put my feet up and focused on making the baby's tummy grow. I learned the tiniest details, even the circumference of the head. 

I am a strong believer in alternative healing – Pranic healing. At this time my spiritual belief was my best friend. It helped me cleanse my energy and some may call it a miracle and show disbelief – but I know my baby felt the energy and benefited. Here's something no doctor predicted. But I know my faith and my belief.

When it was time, I thought I had pulled through and now everything was going to be ok. I had kept her in against all odds. But no. Ahaana was born after a long and adventurous labour of 18 hours. And guess what, her head was resting on a nerve. I was given 7 shots of epidural and a shot of Ibuprofen and the agony didn’t stop. I am a researcher and I thought I knew it all. But no amount of theory can prepare you for the real experience. .
And to add to the misery, Ahaana didn’t know how to latch on and it felt like a personal failure. Breastfeeding was my Everest. 

The second time, I wasn't scared even though we were expecting twins. My positivity manifested in my pregnancy as I listened to my body. I didn't feel guilty and said 'I choose C-Section' Even when my doctor said I could pull through natural birth, once again. I am not ashamed of it and it doesn't mean I am not strong. 'You will always know best. You know what is right for your baby.' People say I was strong but being strong isn’t an option. It’s a primal instinct.

Mommies- write into and share your birthing stories with us. Remember- it is the support and inspiration that each of us shares, that helps fellow moms in their parenting journey. Go ahead share your stories with us in the comments below or reach out to us on our Instagram handle. We love to help in #simplifyingparenting and this way- with each other's true stories, we strive to #KeepItReal. 

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