I Didn’t Just Tick Something On My Bucket List – This Holiday Was Special

Time is precious and kids will never be kids again. We have 16 summers with them before they flee the nest and you realize time beat you at this one even before you realized. It was time to recalibrate. I wanted to drop that invisible backpack and be a child all over again.

I would be lying if I said Soneva wasn’t on my holiday bucket list. It’s been there way before the Maldives was christened the banana bread of travel.

As I stepped barefoot on that dock, the pristine beaches, beautiful landscapes and all the endless beauty there made me think of the footprints we were creating there as a family and how nature is like a parent – expecting nothing and giving back so much. Well, Don’t you agree?

I read a quote by Sonu, the founder of Soneva. It read,

It really explains wIf ‘luxury’ is defined as a rarity, then in today’s society, that means peace, time and space. At Soneva, our unique experiences are in keeping with our interpretation of luxury. Real luxury is about feeling the sand between your toes or enjoying dinner under a canopy of a billion stars.

It is about reconnecting with oneself and the natural world, and so the experiences we create for our guests are as far removed from the urban environment as possible. We intend to provide real luxury and rare experiences that strike a chord in our guests’ hearts.”

Their “No News, No Shoes” and SLOW LIFE principles struck a chord. And, it was time to recalibrate. So, I wanted to drop that invisible backpack and be a child all over again.

Picture This!

  • Pure White sandy beaches
  • Palm trees & turquoise lagoons
  • No sound of honking cars!
  • Just the sound of water lapping around you.
  • A feeling of calm all around!

Yes! The Soneva Jani luxury resort on Noonu Atoll island in the Maldives was all this and more and for us, it was love at first sight. Excited to know more?

Also, Listen to the entire podcast and make sure to make note of all the actionable tips.🎙️

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