I Found Out I Had A Rare Bone Marrow Disease When My Son Was 5 | Madhavi Patil

Madhavi was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease but she didn’t let that stop her from being there for her son, Yuvaan. Read about the amazing story of how they overcame the toughest difficulties together.

Do you ever wonder what could happen if you fell seriously ill with a rare disease? What would your child do, what would you do, what would you be able to do? Questions like these make us feel grateful for whatever we have and whatever problems seemed too big to solve, shrink in comparison.

Madhavi Patil went through one of her worst fears when she was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease known as Aplastic Anemia, but she didn’t let that stop her from being there for her son, Yuvaan.

From enrolling him in classes because she wouldn’t be able to do it all, to starting a YouTube channel together to keep them both occupied, she shares with us the challenging dynamics of parenting in her condition.

She shares with us her incredible story of a mother’s resilience against this debilitating disease.

#HowSheDoesIt: The Story Of Madhavi Patil

Madhavi had quit her job when her son was born so she could commit to him 100%. When Yuvaan turned 5, they got the shock of their life when they found out she had Aplastic Anemia. From then on she had spent many days in the hospital away from Yuvaan.

“When I’m in the hospital I worry about his state of mind”

Madhavi found a way to spend some quality time with Yuvaan that would keep them occupied. They started a YouTube channel where Yuvaan shares educational videos for kids, and they have a lot of fun doing it.

Madhavi often found it difficult to prioritise between caring for herself and his needs. She realised she couldn’t do it all and decided to send him to classes when she wasn’t able to do everything. Yuvaan is very understanding and mature for his age, sometimes Madhavi wishes he could have been able to be more innocent.

“I remind myself that I need to live for him and not give up on myself.”

Madhavi isn’t worried about how much time she is able to spend with Yuvaan even though she has to spend hours at a time in the hospital because their bond is that strong. she believes a mother is a mother, no matter the time she spends with her child and we couldn’t agree more.

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