I Hate Salads But These 3 Are Now Part Of My Meal Plan

Do you think salads equate to boring healthy food? You’re wrong. If you’re looking for salad recipes that are easy but flavour bombs, look no further.

Does your family consist of people who turn up their noses and close their mouths at the mention of the word “salad”? Well, mine does! For my husband and kids, salad meant an overload of veggies and green leaves and they just didn’t want any part of that.

Fast forward to now – they’ve actually started enjoying eating a salad with their meals. I decided to rework my salads a bit and come to a halfway point where everyone is happy.

We all indulge ourselves a little at least over the weekend where food is concerned. It’s time to give our tummies a break and balance out our meals to include food that is healthy and gut healing.

Go ahead and scroll down to find out how these 3 salads are now a regular in my weekly meal plans!

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Beetroot Salad

Today I am sharing a recipe with you that has helped me through detox times, as a mid-day snack and as a meal when I feel the need to eat light – Beetroot Salad. And the dressing is made with dahi or curd which is an excellent probiotic.

By the way, before you think that you shouldn’t be eating curd in winter, we have news for you. Ayurveda expert Dr Manisha Mishra actually says that Dahi is winter food. Surprised? You can see what else she says here.

Crunchy Thai Peanut Salad

This Thai Crunch Salad is full of colour and bold fresh flavours. Fresh herbs, shredded cabbage, and crunchy bell peppers all come together with a creamy peanut dressing. This easy recipe is the perfect summer salad and goes great with your favourite protein.

Fresh Salad With Greens & Oranges

This is a yum salad that comes together super fast & is packed with goodness


  • Roasted and slivered or halved almonds
  • Parboiled beets peeled and diced
  • Peeled oranges
  • Cranberries
  • Greens of your choice. I’ve used romaine lettuce.
  • Honey
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt and pepper.


  • Chill and serve!

Tell me which was your favourite salad recipe? If you have a recipe that you just can’t do without then share it with us at [email protected]. We would love to add it to our list.

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