“I Started When I Was 5!” | Suhani Jain, National Swimming Champion

From 330 AM practise sessions to winning a Gold Medal at the National level, this 15-year-old is making waves!

We’re kickstarting our Children’s Day Week with achievers who show us that you are never too young to scale the wall of success.

As a parent, I have always wanted the best for my child and I can blindly say that is true for every parent. We’ll want our kids to achieve whatever they want, follow their dreams and just be happy doing it all.

We spoke to Suhani Jain, a 15-year-old from Step by Step Noida and she talks to us about how she got into the pool at 2 years and entered her 1st district competition at the age of 5 years.

Her mum & dad have been her biggest supporters and have rallied behind her every step of the way.

How Does She Do It?

Suhani starts her day at 330 AM when she heads to the pool for 2 hours of training before school. So when most of us are pushing our kids out of bed and trying to get them to the bus stop, Suhani has already finished her training and is heading to school.

She worked hard and swum against some of the best in the country. Her medal tally at the recent Khelo India Women Juniors tournament is a testament to that – a gold, a silver & 2 bronze medals in her kitty.

Is It Hard For This Teen To Balance Training & Wanting To Hang With Her Friends

Like any teenager, there are days when she wishes she could stay up beyond 7 PM and party with her friends or just hang out. But her rigorous training prevents her from doing that. While that is a compromise she’s had to make, it is one she accepts gladly given her passion and love for swimming.

Suhani’s mom yelling at her doesn’t scare her out of bed, it’s the voice of her coach that she hasn’t made it to the training that pushes her to wake up and get out every day!

How Different Is Her Diet

Her mom Bhumika Jain has to meal plan her days so that there is no scope for compromise. Her nutrition is of utmost importance and Suhani has a nutritionist to help her make sure she eats well.

A high-protein diet is not the only thing she needs, the diet needs to be calorie-dense too. 3-4 glasses of A2 milk, Sanjeevanii malts & millets, Ashwagandha, and fruits like beetroot is a non-negotiable and have to be eaten every day.

Here’s wishing young Suhani all the best in her future endeavours. And a big salute to parents for being the powerhouse and inspiration an athlete would need.

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