If Moms Created Emojis What Would They Be?

Mommy Neha Savla, tells us how much emojis have taken over our lives and how cool it would be if moms get to design their own emojis. Agree with her?

This post is contributed by Neha Savla. 

Who doesn’t love emojis? We sure do! It is pretty much the coolest thing to use in a text message and you can sometimes have an entire conversation using emojis!

For moms on the go, it is the easiest thing to use when we are too busy to send words on our various Whatsapp, FB groups. So we thought given the daily struggles of an Indian Mom, won’t it be fun if we had emojis designed especially for us? Here is what we think should be included!

1. Need a maid/nanny for my kids – I need help! 

2. A haggard looking woman praying with folded hands Dear god, please let the maid show up for work tomorrow!

3. Child rolling on the floor in the toy shop- Everyone knows this one.

4. Child rolling on the floor generally – You know this one too! 

5. Unread emails/ pile of files on the desk – Why do schools get a summer vacation and offices don’t?

6. Scattered toys around the house- When you are home alone with the kids on a rainy day and gave your kids a cookie by mistake! 

7. Mom running with the school bag & water bottle – A new way to define the word “school relays”

8. Mom holding the iPad in one hand and a spoon in the other- Trying to please a picky eater

9. Kids sleeping with the clock showing 8 pm- Miracles do happen!

10. A stroller- Going to the park for some fresh air

11. Women and Coffee – For the long gossip date with your BFF

12. A screaming mom  –  Something that comes with the job description

13. A car with happy family- Weekend outing with the kids

14. Mom sleeping on the sofa –  Really need that 5 minutes of sleep

15. Cruella  favourite nickname for Mom by kids

16. Mom – dad sleeping with a screaming baby in between – The most common sleeping arrangement in every Indian household

17. A Hindu Devi – Something that symbolises a multitasking mom

18. Carrying a diaper bag when you are wearing a saree – Of course, it looks tacky, but don’t forget you are a new mom and the world will soon figure that.

19. Pee pee/poo poo–  The less we talk about this one, the better.

20. Woman yelling in the car seat – Exactly the way we look when we realize we are late for school pickup

21. Need a driver –  How else can supermom run from work to school drop-off and back?

22. Child on a hunger strike –  Ya ya, my child is not eating again

23. Band-aids – Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Again!

24. My child has a cold/cough –  Germs be away! Pick another favourite spot!

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