DIY Blogger Recommends Art Supplies You Need To Add To Your Cart!

If you are raising an art lover or like crafting things with the kids, this list by DIY expert is a keeper

We love indulging in simple arts and crafts. With the right kind of resources, the joy of creating is amplified.

Here I have put together a list of art supplies suitable if you have a child aged between 2+. Most of these supplies can be easily procured from stationery stores or from online portals like Amazon and Itsy Bitsy.

Here goes

Tempera Paints

We buy the 500 ml Faber Castell (primary colours and white). Mix to make our own colours and store them in little bottles.

Buy here

Sketch Pens 

Faber Castell Light House Kit. 33 colours in a beautiful tin box.

Buy here

Colour Pencils

Faber Castel Triangular and Doms Groove Colour Pencils.

Buy here

Kids Brush

The big bristles are perfect for young artists from the Knafs brand on Amazon.

Buy here

Acrylic Paints, Thin Brushes & Palette

I use these to paint peg dolls and other wooden DIYs.

Buy here

Glue Sealant

This is to coat peg dolls and other wooden DIYs after painting to keep the paint from chipping. I use Mod Podge. 

Buy here

Chalk Paint

Love these for the fabulous matt finish they give and of course to make DIY chalkboard surfaces. I use Little Birdie brand by Itsy Bitsy. 

Buy here

Brush Pens

These are perfect for cardboard crafting. Also, they pair very well with foam stampers. I use Camlin. 

Buy here

Glitter Pens

These are great to add a bit of shimmer to art projects. Recently figured they work well on chalk-painted surfaces! I bought mine at @itsybitsycraftstore.

Buy here

Rollers and Stampers

Fun art accessories for little ones. I bought ours at Sapna book house. The food foam stamper set is from @imagimake.

Buy here

Mini Sketch Pens

Love the size of these. Came as part of a Doms stationery set not sure if they are available separately.

Buy here

Washable Markers

Great for keeping those little hands stain-free after a good activity session. I bought locally CraZart and Playskool.

Buy here

Finger Crayons

Love these fun crayons from Camlin that can be stacked and put onto fingers to colour.

Buy here

Toddler Grip Crayons

At 18 months, we made our crayon debut with the big round crayons. Then moved to oval and jumbo grip, all from Faber Castell.

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