India’s First Sustainability Podcast For Families Launched

Meet our Eco Warriors! Find out all about India’s 1st sustainability podcast, every fortnight on India’s no. 1 podcasts for Parents, The Kidsstoppress podcast on #ApplePodcasts and Spotify.

It all started with small whispers and I always say this we act when these whispers haunt us and turn into loud noises. I turned that whisper into India’s First Sustainability Podcast for Families.

When all the platforms and influencers are talking about fashion and festivities Why are we talking about sustainability?

We are talking about it because at @kidsstoppress we believe that our kids deserve a better future. They must see the oceans, the marine life, cleaner air, cleaner surroundings and clean water.

Hey is this just a pet project? Well a lot of us build what we don’t find so yes this is one of those. I scoured for one that didn’t give gyan but resources, impact and actionable tips that I can take forward everyday.

This is a no BS show where it’s taken us months to get the best change makers in the business who walk the talk and are driving change because they care.

Meet our Eco Warriors! Find out all about our Waste No More Programme  every fortnight on India’s no. 1 podcasts for Parents, The Kidsstoppress podcast on #ApplePodcasts , Spotify and wherever else you listen to them on.

When we build something at Kidsstoppress we go all the way and this one is special:
1. See a whole new micro site with facts, data and videos on how you can reach your kids
2. Listen to the podcasts
3. Take the quiz and win special prizes
4. We are also working on a Resource guide specially curated by our guests and me that you can access exclusively so if you want to Pre Order that one for FREE . Just Drop us ‘Zero waste’ in the comments below.

This journey doesn’t end here. It is just the beginning.

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