Indoor Activities For Kids During Monsoons

Add these to your arsenal of tried and tested monsoon activities to do with yoru kids indoors!

Asking a child to remain indoors when they are dreaming of running outside to play may border on torture. But seasonal weather forces parents to keep their kids indoors. So once you have gone through the books and board games, what is a child to do? 

Add these to your arsenal of tried and tested monsoon activities to do with your kids indoors! In this timely video, we show you a few simple activities your kids can do that use minimal supplies and are guaranteed to engage them for hours! 

Paper Cup Pyramid


  • Paper Cups
  • Balls


  • Give the kids paper cups and ask them to stack them in the shape of a pyramid. This can be a lot of fun and is a good team exercise. 
  • They can now throw balls to see who can get it to come crashing down.

Puddle Jumping



  • Cut out puddle shapes and put numbers of them.
  • Get your toddler to jump from one number to the other – it will help them learn to count and they’ll be having fun.

Toilet Paper Robot


  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Pipe Cleaners


  • Make holes in the empty toilet paper roll.
  • Ask your child to thread the pipe cleaners through these to make their robot’s arms and legs.
  • They can also decorate it with eyes, ears and a mouth.

Engineering Challenge


  • Paper Cups
  • Ice Cream Sticks


  • Ask your child to make creative structures using things you have. It will spark their imagination and keep them occupied.

Number Jumble

  • Paper


  • Take a sheet of paper and write numbers on it.
  • Tear the sheet and create a jumble of numbers.
  • Ask your child to put the numbers in the correct order and complete the jumble puzzle.

So whether it rains or pours, you know they are having fun indoors and you can sit back and enjoy that cup of coffee in peace!

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