Inspire Your Kids With Real Stories & Real People With This New Series

Want to get your kids to read and understand more about things that are happening around them? Real stories about real people. These KSP Book Club recommendations are a good way to start!

How do you get your kids to know about things happening all around them? How do you get them interested and intrigued about these things? Books are the unanimous answer. When you give a good back in your child’s hands, not only are you getting them hooked to the topic, but you are also raising a habit for life. Catch ’em young is what experts say about raising little bookworms. Start building your child’s bookshelves today. You will be a happy and proud parent tomorrow! 

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This week as a part of our KSP Book Club, we tell you why we are loving this new series by Katha publishers. The I Love Reading series focusses on real topics, real people with easy text, and delightful illustrations that encourage the young minds to explore ideas beyond words. Suitable for kids aged 6 years and above, scroll down to read our favourites from this series. 


Flying High

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Author: Geeta Dharamarajan

Who said girls don't dream big? Read the story of this inspiring young girl who dreamed big and soared high (literally!). Just the inspiration your young girls need! 

Why Always

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Author: Michio Mado

This poetry book talks about the beauty of nature, its elements and if they ever age?! A nice guide to your child to knowing Mother Earth better. 

Sonam's Ladakh

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Author: Manish Lakhan 

Planning a trip to Ladakh any soon? Or wondering how to introduce the beauty of Indian landscapes to your kids? This book traces the journey of young Sonam and takes your kids to a trip to the picturesque location. 

Tigers Forever

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Author: Ruskin Bond 

Teach your kids all about the power and grace of India's national animal. With a recent scare of their dwindling numbers, teach your kids why they need to be saved. Also, tune in to our exclusive radio spot on Tigers- we are sure your kids will enjoy it. 

Raza By Raza

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Author: Saiyed Haider Raza

This book is ideal for your budding artists. Takes them through a creative expedition that chronicle the life and likes of the famous Indin painter Syed Haider Raza. Get immersed in the wonderful illustrations and the adventurous narrative. 

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