Inspiring Children’s Books On Famous Artists

Today in #KSPBookClub we will tell you the books we loved in recent times that help your children connect more about the great artists of the world and in turn learn the process better.

How many of us, as parents, take the time out to paint something we like? A little me-time is all we crave for and it is essential to let off our imagination in the world of colours. And you know that once you pick up the colours, your tiny tots are going to follow suit!

For those of your budding artists who want to take their passion for art to the next level, it is essential they understand the works of great artists and how they did what they did. But when it gets a little preachy, you know they are going to shut off and head to the next activity. How do you then get them to like art and know about these legends too? Books- the saviour to the rescue!

Today in #KSPBookClub we will tell you the books we loved in recent times that help your children connect more about the great artists of the world and in turn learn the process better. Make sure you subscribe to KSP Book Club to receive age-wise recommendations of books for your kids in your inbox. 

Paint Like Franz Marc

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Katha Books strikes again with this delightful book that teaches kids how to draw their favourite creatures on the planet, with a little creativity and lots of colours. Teaching the young minds the artistic style of Franz Marc while not sounding preachy at all, this book will get your little ones interested in arts the right way. 

Picasso & The Girl With The Ponytail



How can you draw inspiration from men around you? Especially if they are a world-renowned artist, how does that help you?! Find out as your kids will end up picking up the art tool when they finish this book!

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Leonard & The Flying Boy 

Based on a true story by Zoro- a pupil of Leonardo Da Vinci, this book is all about what the little boy learnt from the world-renowned master that will inspire your kids to pick up the paintbrush too!

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Vincent Can’t Sleep: Van Gogh Paints the Night Sky

How do you explain the greatness of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings to a young child? This book does it a language that your kids can understand. How his sleepless nights and walks inspired him to create some of the best artistic masterpieces – this book tells it all.

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Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos

The author, Monica Brown, uses the animals in Frida Kahlo’s life to win the hearts of kids to explain to us, her evolution as a world-renowned artist. The greatness of the artist’s works might be a little too much for the young minds to comprehend, but they will be able to relate to her life with the help of the amazing illustrations this book gives us.

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Look, Learn, Do

Look, Learn, Do is an interactive book that introduces kids to the world of Indian artists and their works. The children’s book market is replete with an abundance of works that teach kids- both little and big about global veterans such as Picasso and Van Gogh but there are hardly any books that teach kids the basics of Indian artists and contemporary art. With a list of iconic and contemporary artists, this book aims to tell kids about their diverse artwork, how they did what they did and serves as an inspiration to your budding artists. Each chapter also contains a do it yourself project at the end- now that sounds like a fun read and try for your kids. 



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