Introduce Your Budding Artist To The Masters With These DIY Art Kits & Workshops

Raising a li’l artist. Check this out and get your hands on these kits that your child is going to love!

Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else – Sydney Gurewtiz Clemens 

As a parent, we want to expose our children to all the good things- be it reading, art or music, especially if they played a big role in your life when you were growing up. But did you know that art is also important for our child's development? Creating art expands a child's ability to interact with the world, which will help with a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. But how are you planning to raise a mini-Picasso? Are you equipping them with everything? 

We discovered Know Your Art – and we are very excited to share with you the details! Scroll down, you are going to love it! 

What is Know Your Art?

Know Your Art, based in Mumbai, is run by mommy-cum-art director Rishita Chandra. They develop a series of fun education art kits that nurture your little one's creativity and enable learning about the master artists in a way they will never forget. Learning all about arts and crafts just got a lot merrier for kids. 

About Know Your Art

  • At Know Your Art, they create products that will light up a child's curious mind and will further better a child's visual and motor skills. 
  • Through the products, kids will learn varied versions of art mediums, techniques and learn about different art movements in history.
  • At Know Your Art, they have the Katsushika Hokusai Kit, The Complete Know Your Art Series Art kits, Piet Mondrian Kit, Vincent Vangogh Kit, Jamini Roy Kit, Henri Roy Kit, Senaka Senanayake Kit, Thota Vaikuntam Kit, Roy Lichtenstein Kit, Amsterdam Colouring Book, My Mumbai Colouring Book, Thota Vaikuntam Retrospective Book, My Mumbai Colouring Book Puzzle, My Mumbai Colouring Plate and Know Your Art Apron (Adults). 
  • The kits have colouring worksheets, theory, hard puzzles, and the different genres will keep your kids entertained throughout the day. 
  • Experience workshops where your kids will try different art medias, participate in camps and competitions at different places in Mumbai

Website: Know Your Art 

Instagram: Know Your Art

Facebook: Know Your Art

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