Introducing Our Keynote Speaker At #KSPAwards2019: Sameera Reddy

The KSP Awards2019 is here and we’re super excited. Sameera Reddy will be sharing snippets of her #ImperfectlyPerfect like as a mom, actress, wife and entrepreneur. Make sure you tune in and watch it LIVE!

Each year, the planning that goes into making sure everything is just right for the KSP Awards is done with great care. We know how important it is to each person associated with us. Uniting the parenting fraternity together under one roof is what we want and we have done that 7 years in a row now. We know how every entrepreneur is pressed for time and we have planned the KSP Awards ceremony keeping you in mind! For the KSP Awards 2019, we have put together a stellar agenda that you wouldn't want to miss if you are an entrepreneur or a budding one. 

This year our Keynote Speaker for #KSPAwards2019 is the bold and the beautiful- @reddysameera!

A versatile actor, Sameera is acing the mommy role to her two kids. And with her #ImperfectlyPerfect campaign, she just showed us that the cheers, fears and tears that come with motherhood are real and are no different for any mom. We can't wait for Sameera to take the stage and share her journey of being a model and an actor to embracing the anxieties of weighing 105 kilos.

She will also share what construes the perfect social media norms, what it takes to be a #celebmom and how she didn’t conform herself to it. Welcome, @sameerareddy


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