Inventions India Gifted The World

We as kids too were always excited to know everything about everything. Well, thankfully nothing as changed! In today’s episode they’ll learn all about inventions by Indians. Listen to this amazing podcast now!

I am sure this is a common practice, but do you as a parent always tell your child – we didn’t have these inventions when we were younger. And furthermore, I am sure our parents said this to us as well.

“We didn’t have emails when we were growing up”
“We didn’t have phones when we were growing up”
“We didn’t have so many channels when we were growing up”

Over the years, with the many inventions, each generation has more exposure to things and technology.

So who is inventing all of this?
What was the first invention?
Has India invented anything?

These are the kind of questions most curious kids would ask. Instead of scrambling through the 1000 pages on Google, today’s episode focuses on the famous Inventions by India.

These fun facts will not only feed your child’s curious mind, but make them aware of their surroundings.

Listen to this entire episode of I Am Not Bored, India’s leading podcast for kids,  and don’t forget to quiz your child at the end!

If your child loves podcasts, you have come to the right place – from small snackable news content to funny knock knock jokes – here’s everything you need in one place.

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