Iron Deficiency In Children- What Parents Must Remember

Is your child iron deficient? These tips by nutritionist Malvika Sahgal could work.

We are also worried about whether the food we give our kids has all the right stuff they need for their growth.

  • Are they iron deficient?
  • Are they eating enough?
  • Why don't they eat all the food on the plate?
  • Why are they underweight?
  • Why are they overweight? 

So many questions and then we think some more – Am I feeding them the right kind of food? I'm sure you've all grown up watching Popeye downing his can of spinach and muscles bulging and giving him super strength. Honestly, my son started eating his greens after watching Popeye. To date, any green leafy vegetable is Popeye spinach for him. 

But getting them to eat isn't always easy. In some cases pretty impossible. if you are looking for solutions to your child's eating habits then hear it straight from the experts.

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Nutritionist Malvika Sahgal has a few suggestions and tips about iron deficiency that you should check out. Iron deficiency is commonly seen in kids. Here are some easy to follow tips to increase iron absorption in the body.

1. Cook in iron vessels. Ditch the non-stick and opt for iron instead
2. Vitamin c rich foods like lemon, amla, tomatoes, guava increase the absorption of iron in the body.
3. Curry and moringa leaves are a great source of iron. They can be easily added in dals and rotis.


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