Is It Okay If Your Child Scored Average On Their Report Card?

Even though marks are always important, there are many other skills that are too. Would you still be okay if your child scored average?
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Being an average kid myself, this question honestly brings back a lot of memories (not all happy ones I must admit). I remember my school days when I had cold sweats on result day. I used to complete all my chores on time a week prior, hoping that, on that day, I’d get shouted at a little less for being a good kid. (Sadly, being a smart kid is always preferred over being good.)

It’s the same now, or maybe more so- The fear of your kid being an “average“. When kids bring home report cards, they worry about how you’re going to react. And you may not always know the right thing to say.

Will You Be Okay If Your Child Scored Average?

As we know, the world has drastically changed in the past two years. Yes, competition is at its all-time high. But now, it’s more like the “game of skills”. More than marks or being academically fluent, it’s important to have 21st-century basic skills like communication, multi-tasking, observation and many more.

And for this, “average” or “smart” doesn’t really make a difference. It’s all about your kids’ capabilities and qualities. So, even if your child is “average”- it’s not the end of the world! Find out what their good at, and where their passions or interests lie and hone those skills. In today’s unpredictable and equally beautiful digital world- nothing is impossible!

We asked this question to know your thoughts about it on our Instagram account for this time’s #KSPQuestionOfTheWeek.

Here’s what some parents had to say,

Absolutely true. Their only competition should be themselves!

Being a good human being comes before any other skill.

Good point! There are many more factors than just marks that shape us and our future.

Yes, another good topic for discussion. Higher IQ or EQ

What are your thoughts? Share it with us in the comments below! Send this to your parent circle and find out their take on this subject.

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