Is It Okay To Argue/Fight In Front Of Your Kids?

Portraying the ‘perfect relationship’ for your kids or letting them see the realistic side of it? See what fellow parents had to say about it!

Such a simple question yet so complicated to answer.

While fights and arguments aren’t the most ideal situations for kids, they show kids a sneak peek of reality, of how relationships need effort and understanding to work, not miracles!

But at the same time, too much exposure to these tense episodes can drastically affect them psychologically and damage their idea of relationships as they grow up.

For a kid, the relationship their parents share is like God’s word! And rightly so, as you are their first role models to look up to for everything. So, love is no exception. If you hide your occasional burst outs with your spouse in order to protect your kid from the ugly situation, you are indirectly setting a false example of a ‘perfect relationship’.

When they see you argue and calm down and talk about it maturely, they too will learn the correct way of controlling anger and how to approach such situations when they have a rift with someone.

But then again, is it ok if this happens often? No!

We wanted to know your opinions and thoughts, and so we posted this question on our Instagram page.

We received a lot of comments, here are some of them!

Yes, in this way they know that it is normal to have different opinions and sometimes it might not sit well with everyone. But the best way is to talk it out calmly.

This is so well put and important to take note of.

Yes, too much of anything is always bad!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with any of the comments above? Share it with us! And share this article with fellow parents and hear their take on this question.

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