Is Your Child Coughing Continuously? This Is What You Need To Know

Cough can be relentless, stubborn and draining! Has your kid been coughing for days and you just don’t know how to put an end to it? Well, this might help!

Coughing, as we all know can be quite annoying. And for kids, it not only disturbs or rather decreases their productivity but also causes throat pain, headache, etc. Anyhow here’s the catch! Coughs can be of different types.

While a lot of us rely on home remedies and that is actually great – since a lot of times, natural options are better for simple ailments sometimes that is not enough.

Common colds and coughs are mostly seen in kids. It can be caused due to the poor quality of air, sudden changes in climate, or just the classic- too many ice creams!

By the way if your child suffering from a chest infection, these easy home remedies are great!

But we need to be extra careful when it comes to children as their immune system gets weaker. Plus, their tantrums when they are sick?

Here is a list of Indian comfort foods for your grumpy munchkin!

Coming back to cough. Has your child been coughing a lot with no sign of stopping? Are you confused if you should try some home remedies or visit the doctor? Don’t worry!

Mumbai paediatrician Dr Nihar Parekh has so efficiently broken down the different types of coughs- how to identify and how they should be tackled. Must listen!

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Things to remember:

  • If your child’s cough lasts more than seven days- Visit your paediatrician.
  • If your child’s cough is with fever and lasts for more than two days- Visit your paediatrician.

Types of cough in kids:

1. If your child’s cough sounds like bark with a whistling sound- it’s a Croup.

– Visit your doctor immediately

2. If your child’s cough is like a whistling sound which gets worse when lying down- it’s Allergic Bronchitis or Asthma in nature.

– Visit your doctor

3. If it’s accompanied by a runny nose- it’s Allergic bronchitis.

– Wait for 7 days. Try home remedies. If not better, visit a doctor immediately.

4. If coughs intensify after eating- It’s a Reflux cough.

– Wait for a day. Avoid spicy meals. Sleep in an upright position.

Do share this with fellow parents as this can be very helpful. If you have any home remedies you swear by, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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