Is Your Child Mirroring Your Food Habits?

A child mirrors a parent’s food habit. So, before judging your child as a fussy eater, ask yourself if you are one? Here’s what not to do.

A child mirrors a parent's food habit. So, before judging your child as a fussy eater, ask yourself if you are one?

After being a parent, I have learned to be very watchful about how I behave in front of my child. We make sure we don't always talk about body weight and the diets that we follow. Unknowingly, this does affect their teeny tiny brains. 

I am a mom that has tried every diet under the roof. Be it Keto or Intermittent fasting, I have been on a forever diet. So, how does this affect my daughter?

  1. My daughter has never seen me eat the same food as she does. Hence, she never experiments with her palette. 
  2. We were missing out on the family bonding time over a dining table.
  3. She saw me conscious of what I ate and doesn't have the most healthy relationship with food. 
  4. She sees me checking my weighing scale every morning, and she does the same. 

It's time to change that. It's time we have a healthier narrative at home. We cannot talk about fad diets at home and expect our children to fall in love with food. We need to make food interesting by planning our meals, experimenting with fun recommendations, and teach the concept of balancing healthy and unhealthy meals! The KSP Meal Plan gives out a weekly meal plan from breakfast recommendations to lunch, snacks, and dinner. Organize yourself better and make better food choices! 

P.S The 50 Indian Meal Plan Book is my go-to book for meal planning! 

Do write to us at [email protected] and let us know how do enforce a heathy relationship with food and your child.

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