Itching To Turn Into A Minimalist? Here’s How You Make A Start

Gone are the days when everything pretty I set my eyes on I just had to have. I’ve made a new set of rules for myself and it has not only sparked joy in my life but it has made my home a happier place too. These are tips that I have incorporated into my life. What about you?

So first up, before you judge me and my decision on this post, reserve your views because I’m not trying to compete with anyone here and there is no rule book. If you truly believe you have too much and you need to really do more with less then this could be a good starting point: 

This is just me

1. Minimalism is for you and not to show others: Please understand you are not in a race and there is no right pace to do this. You can try cutting out unwanted things or resist the temptation to buy everything you see or what people are selling to you for a week, 3 months, 6 or even a year. It's all up to you.

2. To start your journey, you need to identify what you don’t need first. Start by decluttering and giving away stuff that really doesn’t spark joy or you have been just hoarding in anticipation of a rainy day.

3. Organize: Once you start organizing, you will start seeing how much you actually own. It makes you feel a little overwhelmed actually. I don’t want to sound like @mariekondo because honestly while I love her, India is different and we do things a little differently.

4. Borrow and don’t be shy: I am never shy to borrow stuff if I feel it’s a one time use. Borrow from friends and family – because they aren’t judging you for borrowing.

5. Repeat: You will be surprised as to how much damage we are causing to the planet with fast fashion and while you may not be passionate about it, the gram does not warrant new clothes for every picture. It’s okay to repeat, reuse in order to reduce.

6. Don’t compromise on productivity and health: Two things I am extremely passionate about is increasing efficiency and on health. Invest in things that help you do both, eg a better or more efficient device, better computer, AirPods if you are on calls all day or stuff that helps you organise. Buy only if it makes sense in your daily life.

This is me at the @ikea.india #ikeaonwheels store. It was super tempting to pick up everything but my filters are: 

  • Do I need it?
  • Do I own it already?
  • Will it help me be more productive and use what I have better?
  • Is it environment-friendly?
  • Are you supporting a cause or family?



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Talk to us and tell us if you are starting to make changes to your life and what steps you have taken before the New Year begins.

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