It’s Back! #RaisingParents Podcast on Jio Saavn (Season 2)

Season 2 of Raising Parents is here, and we are so stoked! Click here and bookmark your calendars.

Season 2 of Raising Parents is here, and we are so stoked!

We constantly look for approval, or we need to be reminded that we are not alone. Parents need a shoulder to cry on too. We, at Kidsstoppress, believe in keeping it real. We say it how it is. We talk about how to let go of anxiety, let go of frustration, how to embrace motherhood, let go of anger, and loneliness. We want to create that positive impact, by telling you the true side of parenting. 

So how are you planning to do that?

If you are a parent looking for expert advice or get answers to all the ups and downs of parenting – then this podcast is for you! In Season 2, we have had conversations where either we are left teary-eyed, or we couldn’t stop rolling on the floor with laughter. And the second season of Raising Parents, hosted by Mansi Zaveri is even going to be even more exciting

This podcast is going to be a no-holds-barred conversation that brings to light the stories behind the cheers, tears, and fears of parents through love, sleepless nights, burps, and diaper changes. It’s going to skip the mundane talks and reveal layers of humans behind the parents through their hardest times and will be the one you would want to plug and play when you are either thinking of starting a family, struggling to start a family, confused whether or not it’s time to start, how to raise a family, and more. It’s as real as it gets,  and experts and influencers will tell you how they do it!

So bookmark your calendars for 6th October 2021! We can’t wait to reveal our guest list to you!

P.S If you have missed out on our 1st Season of Raising Parents, and the guest list, you must head over, and you are going to love our conversations!


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