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In this episode of #KeepItReal, we bring to you tips that all parents are looking for; how to raise your child to be an avid reader reader. If you are struggling to find ways to make your little one pick up a book instead of staring at the idiot box, look no further.

From the moment you're expecting your first child, you are bombarded with advice about getting your child to read. And for good reason; the benefits of reading at every stage of a child's life are well documented. Fortunately, getting your child to read isn't as tough as people make it out to be. 

Kids like stories in every form – be it through storytelling or through books and parents should be a part of this journey because it is a great way to bond with them. These tips are tried and tested by experts, mommy bloggers and mommies – and believe us when we say it works (even if you as a parent hate reading). So, mommies – you can always turn things around if your child is a reluctant reader. 

Here's everything you need to raise a reader:

One Thing To Help You Bond Better With Kids. 

Tried and Tested Mommy Tips To Get Your Kids To Love Books. 

12 Simple Ways To Make Your Child Love Reading, 

Does Your Child Hate Reading? Here is How You Can Fix That. 

7 Tips To Change Your Reluctant Reader Into A Book Lover. 

Mom Regrets Not Sharing The 6 Tips She Used To Make Her Child Love Books. 

Twinkle Khanna's Guide To Raise Young Readers

Exclusive | Sudha Murty On How To Be A Better Parent

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